Our History

The Tri-Valley One-Stop opened its doors way back in 1998. We are a service of the Chabot-Las Positas Community College District and a contractor of the Alameda County Workforce Development Board. Over the years, we have served thousands of Tri-Valley residents, assisted hundreds of local employers, hosted dozens of job fairs.

We have been a part of the local economy through boons and busts – through the dot com bubble and subsequent burst, the build-up to and the breakdown of the most recent “great recession”.  Though the economy of the Tri-Valley today is good with very low employment, we are still dealing with the repercussions of the recession and getting ready now for the next downturn.

Through it all, there have been many collaborative efforts with our local partners to provide needed services to connect people with opportunities for employment. The jobs and the job search process has changed over the years.  Even the federal laws have changed to the current Workforce Investment and Opportunity Act (WIOA).  However, the joy of helping people never changes.

We celebrate every time a client finds a job.  It means that someone is working toward a brighter future AND a local business is poised to grow.  We are proud to part of this community and to play a role in its future.

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