Success Stories

Our clients – both job seekers and employers – are our reason for being.  Their successes are our successes. Here are a few stories from people just like you who found success with the help of the Tri-Valley One-Stop Career Center.  Come see what we are all about.

Susan T. 
Susan was laid-off as a Plant Manager from a company where she’d worked for 20+ years.  In interviews, she would often be asked whether she was over qualified for the job.  She decided she needed to branch out in her search for positions that used her management and customer service skills.

Susan came to the One-Stop after hearing about us at a local library job group. She took full advantage of all of the services of a several month period.  She attending our workshops, regularly attended weekly Job Club, and met with the Career Counselors and Job Developer.   Resume critiques and mock interviews were tough but the most helpful for Susan.

Today, Susan is an Inside Sales Representative with a company that had posted a job on our One-Stop job board.  She credits the One-Stop staff and its employer connections for helping her successfully land this full-time job with benefits and getting her confidence back.

Clif K. 
Clif had been unemployed for four years.  In that time, he’d had a contract job that lasted about four months, but nothing else of consequence.  He had been getting job interviews but couldn’t seem to land the job.  He heard about the Tri-Valley One-Stop from a recently employed friend.

Clif attended our Orientation and several workshops, then spent some 1-on-1 time with our Career Counselors.   In particular, he worked on his interview and negotiation skills.

Within two weeks of working with our staff, Clif had a job offer where he successfully negotiated a higher salary. He’s now a full-time Director of Sales.

David S. 
When David found the Tri-Valley One-Stop, he was in a struggle-mode with his job search.  All the issues that life can throw at you seemed to be happening with David, so his job search was up and down, in and out.  He happened to be at the Dublin Library on a day our Career Counselor was offering services so he stopped in to talk.

That conversation brought him to our offices where David was able to focus on his job search again.  He attended workshops, revised his resume, practiced interviewing and located jobs in his engineering field.  Simply by visiting our offices regularly, he was able to get his job search back on track.

Today, David is an engineer at a cabinet company in Southern Oregon.  He’s very happy with his life now and grateful to the staff of the One-Stop for helping him get focused again.

Brenda N. 
Brenda, like many of our clients, was laid-off in a company reorganization.  She had heard of the Tri-Valley One-Stop from a friend and decided to check into it after the shock of losing her job wore off.

Brenda worked her job search at her own comfortable pace.  She attended all our workshops and came to the Career Center fairly regularly to search for work on our computers and to work on her resumes. She enjoyed being in the Center, around others who were doing the same thing. She also attended workshops and our Job Club, as well as had mock interviews to perfect her skills prior to meeting with employers.

Today, Brenda is a Project Manager within an engineering department of a local utility. She credits the staff of the One-Stop for building her confidence back up, getting her resume refined and preparing her for interviews. She’s making more money now than she was at her last job and is very pleased with the direction her life is headed now.

Sheila R.
Sheila lost her job when her company was purchased by a competitor and the companies were consolidated.  Her job hunt was up and down for about eight months with interviews but no offers.

Sheila found the Career Center through an internet search and decided to stop in to see what it was about. She found the staff welcoming and the Center small enough that it wasn’t imposing. She took advantage of all the resources that were available to her including: our public computers and internet, wi-fi, workshops, Job Club and mock interviews.  She met with our Career Counselors and our Job Developer regularly for advice and help.

Sheila made a target list of six or seven companies where she’d like to work then researched their job openings.  Our staff helped her change her resume to fit the companies and the job openings.  Today, she is in her dream job as a Training Specialist.  She found coming to the One-Stop regularly made her focus effectively on her job search.  She thinks that, and the staff, are the reasons she’s working her dream job now.

Barbara M.
Barbara wasn’t with the One-Stop very long.  She came in working a part-time job but needing a full-time position.  She had skills developed over the years in many different jobs but did not know which direction she should turn.

With the help of our resume workshop and some 1-on-1 sessions with both a Career Counselor and Job Developer, Barbara was able to pinpoint the types of jobs that would fit her skills. She found many jobs on CalJOBS but it was a connection through the Center that ultimately landed her a job.

Barbara is now an Administrative Assistant at a local business park headquarters and very happy. She’s already received a raise in her wages and loves what she’s doing. She is very happy with the help she received at the One-Stop and refers us new clients on a regular basis.

Deborah F.
Deborah tried her hand an owning a small business. Unfortunately, it did not work in the long-term so closed her franchise business in 2015.  For over a year, she was a Lyft driver at $10.00/hour.  She met our Career Counselor at a local library during an out reach session. Once introduced to the One-Stop, she became a regular client, taking advantage of all we have to offer.  She took the workshops, attended Job Club and learned how to interview well.  She followed the advice of our staff and requested an informational interview at one of her target companies.  The first meeting led to others which led to interviews which led to a high-paying position within that company.  “I have my dream job now, thanks to help of the people at the One-Stop.”

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