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Turn Your Next Interview from a Q&A Session into a Conversation

Many job seekers go into interviews expecting to be cross-examined. They prepare for an interrogation, practice their answers to the usual interview questions, and have [...]

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Master the Art of the Handshake to Make a Good First Impression

The secret to getting a job may be in your hands—literally. Your handshake is one of the most important first impressions you’ll make in an [...]

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Make the Most of Social Media to Boost your Job Search and Career

You are probably well aware of how social media can help your job search and career, but maximizing your use of social media may be [...]

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What Candidates Expect in Today’s Hiring Process

Employers no longer have the upper-hand when selecting candidates. According to job search expert Hannah Morgan, the tables have turned, and candidates now have more power in the hiring process. In order to determine what candidates expect from companies before, during and after the recruiting process, CareerBuilder and SilkRoad teamed up to survey 1,114 full-time employees and 1,138 employers about the recruitment process.

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Hiring Veterans Makes Good Business Sense

This month we observed Veterans Day in the US by honoring military veterans, living and dead, with traditional ceremonies acknowledging their service and bravery in protecting our country and preserving our freedom. However, we all know that veterans deserve more than one day of celebration. There is no better way to honor those who have served our country than for your company to focus on recruiting veterans and fully tapping into their talents and experience.

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