Recruiting Tips to Help Attract Top Talent

Recruiting and hiring the right people for your organization is no doubt one of the key challenges you face, especially in the current environment of low unemployment and the lack of highly skilled candidates. According to George Dickson, who focuses on strengthening organizational cultures, a successful recruiting strategy involves your entire team and several areas of your business to be effective.

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How to Write a Job Description That Attracts Great Candidates

Writing clear and compelling job descriptions is an important element of recruiting that can help you attract the most qualified candidates for your job openings. With more than 20 million jobs listed on Indeed for Employers (see How to Write a Job Description), a well written job description can help your job openings stand out from the rest. The key to writing effective job descriptions is to find the perfect balance between providing enough detail so candidates understand the role and your company while keeping your description concise.

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2019 Recruitment Trends that Will Impact Your Hiring Process

Recruiting and hiring the best candidates available continues to be a key component of organizational success. If you are analyzing and fine-tuning your hiring process, a review of the some of the major recruitment trends in 2019 may be helpful.

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Turn Your Next Interview from a Q&A Session into a Conversation

Many job seekers go into interviews expecting to be cross-examined. They prepare for an interrogation, practice their answers to the usual interview questions, and have [...]

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Master the Art of the Handshake to Make a Good First Impression

The secret to getting a job may be in your hands—literally. Your handshake is one of the most important first impressions you’ll make in an [...]

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