Salary Transparency in Job Posts Makes Recruiting More Efficient

Listing salaries in job postings has long been an area of contention between employers and job seekers. As an employer you might feel that not [...]

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How to Write a Great LinkedIn Recommendation

One of the best ways to get a recommendation on LinkedIn is to offer to write one in return. You have probably worked with others [...]

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LinkedIn Recommendations are an Important Job Search Tool

We live in a networked world in which relationships and reputations matter. Since a high percentage of recruiters and employers read LinkedIn profiles to evaluate [...]

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How to Keep Your Spirits Up During Your Job Search

If you're having a difficult time finding a job, and it seems like it's taking forever, you’re not alone. Many job seekers find job hunting [...]

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Job Fairs Offer a Unique Opportunity to Connect with Employers

If you’re looking for an opportunity to make an in-person connection with employers you might not otherwise have access to, consider attending job fairs as [...]

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