How You Can Help Justice-Involved Individuals Re-enter the Workforce

There are a number of steps employers can take to support those re-entering the workforce.

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Justice-Involved Applicants Could be Your Next Great Hires

Every year 700,000 men and women are released from prison or jail and re-enter society. Unfortunately, as SHRM Public Affairs Manager Mary Kaylor points out [...]

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Hiring the Long-Term Unemployed Can Bring Experience and Reliability to Your Workforce

If you are finding it difficult to recruit qualified candidates in the current tight labor market, you might expand your recruiting efforts by considering an often overlooked but experienced group of job seekers – the long-term unemployed.

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Write Effective Job Postings that Attract the Right Candidates

When the right job seekers click on your job postings to learn more about your open positions, you're one step closer to converting them into [...]

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Tips to Improve Your Recruiting and Hiring Process

One of your biggest challenges as an employer is hiring the right people for the right positions to fuel the growth of your company. You [...]

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