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Networking for Job Referrals is Your Best Job Search Strategy

You have probably heard that networking is an important element of a job search, but a recent study has demonstrated just how effective networking can be in landing a job. Lever, a recruitment marketing firm, conducted a one-year source-of-hire efficiency study, with the following results: Companies in the study hired one of every 16 candidates referred to them, a 6.5% chance of being hired. Companies hired one of every 152 candidates who applied through their applicant tracking systems, a 0.66% chance of being hired.

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Leveraging LinkedIn Could Open the Door to Your Next Job

If you aren’t using LinkedIn as part of your job search and career development strategy, now is the time to begin. With nearly 600 million members and 30 million companies in over 200 countries (as of the first quarter of 2018), LinkedIn is the leading social network for hiring by a very wide margin, according to online job search expert Susan P. Joyce (LinkedIn Job Search Guide).

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Turn Your Next Interview from a Q&A Session into a Conversation

Many job seekers go into interviews expecting to be cross-examined. They prepare for an interrogation, practice their answers to the usual interview questions, and have [...]

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Master the Art of the Handshake to Make a Good First Impression

The secret to getting a job may be in your hands—literally. Your handshake is one of the most important first impressions you’ll make in an [...]

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Make the Most of Social Media to Boost your Job Search and Career

You are probably well aware of how social media can help your job search and career, but maximizing your use of social media may be [...]

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