Use LinkedIn to Network Your Way to Your Next Job Now

It’s important to use this time of isolation to your benefit.  One way is to spend time on LinkedIn, researching companies and building your network. [...]

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An Effective Profile is the Key to Getting Results from LinkedIn’s Easy Apply

LinkedIn’s Easy Apply is a one-click application feature on a select number of job postings featured on LinkedIn blogger Biron Clark (How to Use LinkedIn Easy Apply to Get Interviews) estimates that between 35-45% of jobs feature the Easy Apply option on LinkedIn, depending on industry and position. If the Easy Apply feature is available, you can respond to job postings quickly and easily.

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How to Write a Great LinkedIn Recommendation

One of the best ways to get a recommendation on LinkedIn is to offer to write one in return. You have probably worked with others [...]

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LinkedIn Recommendations are an Important Job Search Tool

We live in a networked world in which relationships and reputations matter. Since a high percentage of recruiters and employers read LinkedIn profiles to evaluate [...]

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