Alameda County Workforce Development Board

The Tri-Valley One-Stop (TVOS) is funded largely through the Alameda County Workforce Development Board (ACWDB) (formerly Alameda County Workforce Investment Board), which aims to build a better workforce by linking employers, job seekers and youth to education, training and employment related programs and services.  The ACWDB is one of four such boards in the East Bay region and covers all of Alameda County, with the exception of Oakland.  Its board members are appointed by the Alameda County Board of Supervisors.

If your business is looking at laying off employees as a way to cut costs, please contact the ACWDB.  Before you lay them off, think about training your current employees. You know it’s easier and cheaper to keep your current employees than to hire and train new ones.  ACWDB staff can help you retrain employees to be more productive and to learn new skills or equipment that will help your business remain profitable.

If lay-offs are inevitable, we can help those employees with the process of being unemployed and connect them to the resources they will need.  Contact the ACWDB for a Rapid Response event to help those employees who you let go.

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