What Candidates Expect in Today’s Hiring Process

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What Candidates Expect in Today’s Hiring Process

Employers no longer have the upper-hand when selecting candidates. According to job search expert Hannah Morgan, the tables have turned and candidates now have more power in the hiring process. In order to determine what candidates expect from companies before, during and after the recruiting process, CareerBuilder and SilkRoad teamed up to survey 1,114 full-time employees and 1,138 employers about the candidate recruitment process.

Morgan summarizes some of the key findings from their research on her Career Sherpa blog:

  • Almost 50% of companies say it is taking them longer to fill jobs.
  • 68% of employees believe their experience as a candidate reflects how the company treats its people.
  • 82% of employees expect employers to provide a clear timeline for the hiring process and keep them updated throughout the process when they apply for a job.
  • 43% of employees say they have higher expectations for how employers will treat them as a candidate.
  • 55% will give up and move on if they haven’t heard from an employer within two weeks of applying.
  • Candidates give less than 10 minutes to a job application (20%), or two to three pages on a mobile device (21%), otherwise they drop off.
  • 51% of job candidates report they’ve looked for other jobs even when an offer has been extended and the background check is in process.
  • Employers say, on average, 1 in 7 candidates (14%) walk away after they accepted the offer.
  • Approximately 67% of employers report almost a quarter of new hires not showing up after accepting a position.
  • 9% have left a company because of a poor onboarding experience.
  • 51% of employees expect HR to check in with them regularly throughout their first year of employment.

Click here for additional information and research findings.

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