Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Our complete list of services and our programs are not the easiest to explain. Sometimes, even our explanations can bring up more questions. Mostly, we get the question, “how much does all this cost?” (Hint: the VAST majority of our services are free.)

We serve individuals with particular needs and issues.  Yet, we hear many of the same questions.  Hopefully the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) below, and their answers, will help fill in the information gaps you have.  Simply click on the question to expand the answer. If, after reading these, you still have questions, please feel free to call us.

Know, however, that we are here for both job seekers and employers.  We’ll do everything we can to help.

- I just lost my job, what can you do for me?

Losing a job can be a life altering experience. You are likely going through a myriad of emotions and wondering what to do next. We can help. We aid job seekers through their work search journey from beginning to end. We help you to build your skills, your confidence and your network. We will guide you through job applications, resume creation and editing, interview practice, and more.  If you need a “survival job” to pay the bills while you figure out your next career move, we can attempt to help with that too.

- What’s the first step in getting help from the One-Stop?

We suggest the first step is to come in and take a look around the One-Stop Center so you can see for yourself that this is a safe, friendly place. After that, register for our Orientation. This hour-long presentation will give you a better idea on what we can do for you, what you can expect of us and vice versa. We talk about services we provide, and referral resources and partner agencies for what we can’t offer.  We also talk about our federal WIOA program and how you can benefit from it.

After the orientation, we recommend you attend of our workshops. (Click here to access our monthly calendar of events.) We suggest a certain order as you progress through your job search journey, but you can choose to follow it or not as you wish.

- What services does the Center offer to employers?

Employers can post job openings on our website, and conduct recruitment for positions onsite at the Center.  We work closely with employers locally and beyond to provide them excellent candidates, and have several tip sheets available to them regarding effective best practices in seeking the right employees.  (Click here to see these Tip Sheets.)  Employers can also take part in a federal On-The-Job Training program offering tax credits to hire some of our candidates.

- Can you find me a job?

The One-Stop is a multifaceted resource, but we are not an agency with jobs to hand out. We do have a job board with local jobs on our website (Click here to access the job board). We also have relationships with local and regional employers, and can connect you to those that fit your skills and goals. Though we can’t provide you a job, we will help you develop the skills to succeed, point you in the direction, and empower you to do the rest.

- What is WIOA all about?

WIOA stands for the Workforce Investment and Opportunity Act of 2014. The expansive law is the guiding policy and funding source for workforce development activities at centers like ours across the country.  In short, WIOA is the federal law that drives most of our operations, and allows us to help you free of charge.  It also provides a federal program into which you can enroll offering individualized assistance in returning you to the workforce.

- Do I need to enroll in WIOA to receive services?

We offer many services to job seekers and employers without WIOA enrollment. However, our staff and other operational costs are funded through WIOA. In return, we are required to track our services and clients’ successes. Your enrollment in WIOA allows us to do that, and to keep funds flowing into the Center.

- What do I get out of enrolling in the WIOA program?

We offer our workshops to anyone, enrolled or not. Thus, if you would like to learn effective job search strategies, you are welcome to join any of our 6-8 workshop a week. For those who enroll, we provide more intensive and individual services, such as 1-on-1 career counseling, job matching, possible paid vocational training, and more.

- Who can enroll in your WIOA program?

Anyone is welcome to use our center and attend our workshops regardless of residency or age. We are a contractor of the Alameda County Workforce Development Board, and thus, are guided by their policies as well as WIOA. In general, eligibility for our program includes:

  • Having lived or worked in Alameda County (outside Oakland) in the last 6 months
  • Right-to-Work documentation
  • Registration for the Selective Service System (for men over 18)
- I just need someone to look at my resume. Is that possible?

With very few exceptions, our program is not set up for drop in resume review; this activity happens by appointment for those enrolled in WIOA. You are more than welcome to attend our workshop(s) to learn more about how to write an effective resume. Once you have enrolled in WIOA, your Career Counselor can work with you on your targeted resume. Additionally, we do have special resume review events occasionally which are promoted well ahead of time.  Sign up for our newsletters to be sure to get great advice and notice of events. (Click here to sign up for our newsletter).

- I only need to talk with someone about my resume. Why do I need to go to workshops?

We understand the need to talk with a Career Counselor. It is extremely healthy and helpful to work through your issues with a professional who listens and offers effective feedback on all related matters, including the resume. However, with the number of clients we serve, it’s much more efficient to teach general job search skills to many people at once, and harder to fit single individuals into the schedule.  Then the Career counselors can work with your individual needs in 1-on-1 meetings, once enrolled in WIOA.  Also, you’re welcome to repeat workshops as we know if can be overwhelming at times.

- Can you help me with my Unemployment Insurance questions?

Though we have decades of collective experience helping clients with Unemployment Insurance issues, and at times know the answers to your questions, we are not the experts.  Although many One-Stop Career Centers are also offices of the State Employment Development Department (EDD), we are not. We do, however, have local numbers for you to use instead of the 800 number. (Click here for a PDF of the closest offices). If you have questions about filling out forms, paperwork, or other questions specific to your claim, we suggest you call or e-mail the EDD offices.

- How much do your services cost?

With a few exceptions, our services are free to job seekers. That is the benefit of our federal funding.

We do charge $5 for typing, keyboarding or other certifications. (Click here for a PDF of the certifications we offer at our offices.)

- Are you a staffing agency?

No, we are not a staffing agency. We are a resource to help you through your job search and to help you find that ideal job. We can connect you to local employers, but we do not get paid to place you with any specific employer.

- What should I expect when I can come to the One-Stop?

There are 2300 job centers like the Tri-Valley One-Stop across the country. There are 14 here in the East Bay region. All of us are different. Our one-Stop is small and friendly. You should expect excellent customer service, compassion for your circumstances, and help in moving forward to your next employment. You can also expect interaction with other job seekers in similar situations who are open to discussion and networking. At the Tri-Valley One-Stop, our clients help each other as much as we help them.

- Can I escape from my house and just come and hang out?

Please do. We encourage job seekers to get out from behind their computers, away from the household distractions, and to seek out conversations with others. If you’d like to use the One-Stop as that place, feel free. We have computers and Wi-Fi here for you to use along with all the office machines you might need in your job search. Come join us and be with people going through the same issues and experiences.

- What are the One-Stop’s ties to the Community Colleges?

The Tri-Valley One-Stop is a service of the Chabot-Las Positas Community College District. We are fittingly a part of the Economic Development Department of the District. We are not currently situated on either campus. We have a separate location in Dublin, where we are open to the general public. We do, however, work with the staff and faculty of both Colleges helping students prepare for job searches and career exploration. Students are also always welcome at the One-Stop.

- I’m already working but want something else. Can you help me?

We are here to help any job seeker, unemployed or UNDER-employerd. We know that it’s difficult for those currently working to get to our office during the day. To help, we are open on Wednesday evenings, offering some of our main workshops on a rotating basis. We also have nearly 20 tip sheets on our website that can guide you through the job search process without ever having to talk to us. (Click here for the Tip Sheets.)

- I have bills to pay. I need a job now! What can you do to help me?

We get it. You need something that will put food on the table and pay the bills. Sometimes you don’t have the time for a long job search. We have a job board on our website with listings of openings right now.  We also host recruiting events at our offices occasionally that will offer you that quick job. Once you get settled into a “survival job,” you can start looking for your next career job.

- I need to go back to school. Can you pay for my training?

Potentially. We have a limited amount of money to help pay for certificate training programs that will move WIOA-enrolled clients forward in their careers. Funding is limited to up to $5000 per client. The training providers/ schools need to be selected from the state’s Eligible Training Provider List (Click her to access the search site), and must be approved by the staff of the One-Stop. Ask your Career Counselor for more information if you are interested in this benefit. Your Counselor will guide you through the research process required.  (Note: We cannot fund programs already started or degree-seeking programs.)

- I have an interview next week. Can you help?

Practicing your interview answers is a sure way to improve your chances to land the job.  We offer interview skills workshops throughout the month.  We also have interview Tip Sheets on our website (Click here for the Tip Sheets). In addition, we offer our WIOA-enrolled clients the opportunity (by appointment) to practice their interview skills with staff in a mock interview.  We’ll ask you to send us your resume and job description so that we can ask pertinent questions in the mock interview.  In the end, we give you constructive feedback that can help you improve and build your confidence for that future interview.

- I am depressed/ homeless/ hungry/ broke/ in need of a lawyer/ etc. Can you help?

Though our main body of services revolves around strategizing for a work search, and aiding employers to find new hires, we have many referral sources that offer aid for the above-mentioned issues and more.  We will do our best to point the way to assist you in every way we can.  Right off, please call 2-1-1 for resources, or visit their website.

- I hope to be offered an interview soon, but have no proper clothing to wear. Can you help?

There are agencies that provide no-cost interview outfits, and we can refer you to them.  Also, the Thrift Stores in the area sell little or non-used clothing at very low cost.

- I hope to receive a job offer following my last interview; can you help me with salary negotiation?

Both of our Interview Skills sessions teach about salary negotiation, and a Career Counselor can also set an appointment to discuss your salary options privately if you are a WIOA enrollee.

- I worry that my age may prevent being considered for new positions. I can’t retire – what can I do?

There are a lot of strategies that you can employ if you find yourself at this place. Attend our workshop entitled Issues of the “Older Worker” for guidance on this issue.  We predict you’ll come away filled with hope!

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