Getting Started

Whether you are unemployed now or under-employed and seeking something better – looking for work isn’t easy. There are a range of emotions that you go through from grieving, frustration, anger and self-pity to excitement, nervousness, joy.

Sometime the hardest part about the job search process is simply just starting it–or rebooting it if you’ve stopped. It’s exhausting, we know.  Below are some things to consider. The most important step, however, is just to dive in and do the work.

  1. Think Positively: You need positive thoughts in your head to make this happen.  Anything else will come out in your letters and interviews.  We can help you get back that confidence you may have lost.
  2. Get Organized: If done correctly, you will be busily sending out resumes and networking with people.  You need to track it all so you can follow-up.  It takes organization to do it right.
  3. Be Outgoing: You don’t need to be an extreme extrovert, but you will need to network and meet people to do your job search properly. The majority of jobs are still found through networking. That takes a concerted effort to be outgoing and to put yourself in places or at events where you will meet people.
  4. Start with Skills and Occupational Assessments:  We don’t want you to think that the last job you had is the only type of job you can do.  Your skills are transferable to many different occupations.  There are many online assessment tools that can give you a better idea on what occupations use the skills that you have developed over the years.  Conversely, you can also look at what skills, knowledge and tools are needed to be successful in your target occupations.  We have assessments at the One-Stop or you can find many online.
  5. Review Your Employability Skills: There are a number of skills that employers seek, regardless of the position or industry.  These are foundational, not technical or job-specific skills. They are often called “soft skills” and include personal-, people-, applied- and worksplace-skills.  Follow the link to the right to learn more.
  6. Ask for Help: You don’t have to do this job search alone. If you want to, that’s perfectly fine. We have resources to help. However, we have professional staff whose passion it is to help you find your next career. All you have to do is ask.

A successful job search is much more than rewriting your resume.  Though we know that is top of mind.  Follow the link to the right for some helpful resume-writing documents.  Once you’ve wrapped your head around the idea of doing the full-on job search, come see us.  We are here to help.

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