How to Reinvigorate a Job Search that’s Losing Steam

//How to Reinvigorate a Job Search that’s Losing Steam

How to Reinvigorate a Job Search that’s Losing Steam

Is your job search beginning to lose a little steam? You may have started out with energy and optimism, but if it’s taking more time than you expected to get a positive employer response, your attitude and motivation may start to lag. However, as job search blogger Susan Pines points out (Losing Steam in Your Job Search?), it’s important to regain and maintain your job search momentum if you really want to find your next job opportunity.

Here are a few tips to help get your job search back on track:

 Expand your job search beyond online applications. While applying online is a key aspect of your job search, you also need to develop a strategy that connects you to people who can help take your job search to the next level. Since the majority of job openings aren’t listed online and are often filled through referrals, career coach Joy C. Lin (3 Ways to Reinvigorate a Job Search That’s Dragging On) advises that you shift from a job-focused to a people-focused search. Lin suggests that:

  • For each position you apply to online, find a person—at the company, in the industry or related to the work you’re interested in—and introduce yourself via LinkedIn, Twitter or email. Explain your goals and ask to connect by phone or in person to learn more about the company and other potential opportunities.
  • Reach beyond your current network and create new contacts by checking out local meetups, professional organizations or industry events. By extending your job search beyond your computer screen, you’ll gain access to new contacts that allow you to show people your value beyond an online resume and email correspondence.

Create a schedule and commit to a variety of activities. It’s important to remember that too many open-ended hours can make you feel lost and drain your energy. Create a daily schedule around your job search, and allot time for a wide variety of activities, including online applications, informational interviews, following up on job leads, networking, researching employers and participating in job search workshops or a job club. The Tri-Valley Career Center offers a wide variety of job search workshops, a Job Club that meets twice weekly and a bi-monthly Coffee Break with Employers (call 925-560-9431 for more information).

Get moving. Lack of movement can make you lethargic. Take time to step away from your job search and get some exercise. Walk around the block, run up the stairs, play with your kids and pets, garden, wash windows or choose other activities that require movement. Physical activity will improve your attitude and energy level.

Reduce stress. Along with physical activity, find other outlets that can help reduce the inevitable stress of job hunting. Whether it’s yoga, meditation, positive affirmations, journaling, spending time with friends, resting or volunteering, choose activities that will help you counter discouragement and release frustration. Remind yourself often that the right job is out there waiting for you.

Consider reassessing your career goals. You may be holding on to a belief that you must land a specific position in the industry that you originally targeted. If you’re not getting the results you want, you might need to step back and reevaluate. Consider assessing your situation and your future through a career- or self-assessment. The Tri-Valley Career Center offers both a Career Exploration and Assessments workshop and a Career Assessment Options tip sheet to help you determine how to approach a self-assessment. The Career Center also offers one-on-one guidance from experienced career counselors (call (925) 560-9431 for more information).

You may also want to review any employer or recruiter feedback you’ve received to determine whether you still feel you’re a strong contender for the types of positions for which you are applying or in your targeted industry. Reassessing your career goals could help you decide if it’s time to pivot your existing skill set to other types of positions, other departments or even other industries. Expanding your options could reinvigorate your job hunt and help you find your best path forward.

If you find yourself losing steam in your job search, focus on making the changes needed to revitalize yourself and move forward with renewed energy and determination.



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