Every employer is looking for skills to match their needs. Hard skills are those that you apply directly to the job. They are the knowledge base that you will use on a daily basis. You learn these skills in school or through experience. Soft skills are those skills that help you get ahead through dealing with people: communication skills, leadership skills, conflict management, customer service. You need both to succeed, and we can help.

If you are missing some key components in you schooling that you feel would get you into the interviews for the jobs you want, we may be able to help. We have a limited amount of federal dollars to fund short term training opportunities. Your case manager will tell you more about it when you come in to talk.

You can find those opportunities on the state’s job sites, CalJOBS. It’s the Eligible Provider Training List – or EPTL. Find it here:

On-the-job training is an opportunity to be hired by your future employer and be trained by them for the first few months prior to becoming a permanent employee. These funds are paid to the employer to off-set their training costs.

Almost every job today requires some sort of computer knowledge.  We have opportunities for you to learn your way around a computer or software and then prove your knowledge through earning certificates.  We have over 40 skills that can be certified.  The general areas fall under:



Microsoft®  Applications

Computer Applications

Customer Service

Professional (Legal & Medical)


Education is empowering and can help give you the edge over other applicants. Our growing list of resources of eLearning and online webinars can help you gain the knowledge, skills and confidence needed to land your next job.

In fact, start here with ALISON.

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Through our community partnerships and connections, we are given information about other training opportunities.  Here are are few that we know about.  This is by no means an exhaustive list.

Castro Valley Adult School

Regional Technical Training Center 

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