We understand that looking for work, living without a steady income and dealing with the stress of being unemployed can affect your life and others. Our workshops are designed to help with your job search and the issues that surface during the process. Open to everyone, our topics are divided into three categories:
– Orientation
– Anchor Strategies
– Added Learning

Start with the Orientation so that you have a clear understanding of all of our programs.  See below in the list or give us a call for more information:  925-560-9431.

The workshops are listed on our monthly calendar. Pick one up at the front desk or on our website. Plus we are always looking to add more, so keep checking back. Space is limited in our workshops. Please call ahead to register so we can reserve a seat or find the workshop of your choice on our online calendar and RSVP right there. (We have numerous Tip Sheets available for downloading to help as well)


This is an introduction to your individualized job search. We cover common emotions, organizing, and moving forward when you seem stuck. We discuss how TVOS can assist you in your successful job search and how to enroll in the WIOA Program.


If you are looking to change careers, or simply want to research growing occupations, we can teach you tricks and tools.  We discuss O*Net Online, labor market information and how to identify the skills and knowledge you need for your next career.

An outstanding resume is your ticket to an interview. In this workshops, you will learn the key components of a resume, how to write accomplishment statements and how to show off your skills and expertise to get noticed by the hiring managers.

In this workshop, you will learn about the types of interviews used today, basic preparation techniques, frequently asked questions and interview etiquette.  We touch on post-interview thank you notes as well.

More jobs are found through networking than any other means. Take the fear out of this important job search strategy and learn how to make networking easier and less anxiety-ridden. Learn tips on setting up informational interviews.

This workshop focuses on the people and communication skills, and character and attitude factors that help prospective employees get hired.  Hard skills and specific knowledge will get you the job, soft skills will help you keep the job.

This workshops also touches on how to demonstrate through your resume, cover letters and interviews that you have the soft skills that will make you a successful employee.


Learn about age discrimination in the workplace; employer myths regarding older workers; strategies for re-employment; retirement issues; and hopeful outcomes.

LinkedIn is an essential tool in today’s job search and beyond.  It is a powerful tool if used correctly.  This workshop teaches job seekers how to optimize their LinkedIn profile to be seen by recruiters and hiring managers.

At least 75% of companies are using online applicant systems now.  Unfortunately, these systems kick out 75% of their applications – now because the candidate is not qualified, but because the resume or application is not formatted to work with the system.  This workshop walks you through how to format your resume in order to work within the confines of the software.

Today’s jobs and job searches require a familiarity of the computer.  If you haven’t worked with computers before, or it’s been some time, this workshop can help.  We walk through the basics of getting around a computer and how to complete an online application. The instructor works with a variety of skill levels as job seekers come in at different levels of experience and knowledge.

We rotate the three main Microsoft Office software including Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint.  In general, this is a 3-week, progressive class that helps you understand basic and intermediate level tricks to software.  It can prepare you for a certification exam in the software.

When your paycheck stops, but the bills don’t – it’s time to budget more wisely.  Join us for this great workshop intended to help you better manage your bills and money. No one likes to talk about money but we all need to budget better.

There are specific ways to maximize your time at a job fair.  In the occasional workshops, we go through some of the top tips to make your time at a job fair more productive – and lucrative.

When subjects arise that the One-Stop staff think our job seekers should know, we create a workshop and run it as a “Lunchtime Special.”  In the past, they have included how to find a job with the state of California, how to enroll in Covered California, or how to capitalize on the gig-economy while you are job searching. We have even been known to broadcast a webinar that we think might be of interest.  These are scheduled a couple weeks to a month in advance but do not happen repeat often.

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