We understand that looking for work, living without a steady income and dealing with the stress of being unemployed can affect your life and others. Our workshops are designed to help with your job search and the issues that surface during the process. There are several workshops available to everyone. However, once you enroll in the Workforce Innovation & Opportunity Act (WIOA) program, many services open up to you.

Start with the Orientation so that you have a clear understanding of all of our programs.  Some of our workshops are open to everyone while others require WIOA participation and the orientation.  See below in the list or give us a call for more information:  925-560-9431

The workshops are listed on our monthly calendar. Pick one up at the front desk or on our website. Plus we are always looking to add more, so keep checking back. Space is limited in our workshops. Please call ahead to register so we can reserve a seat or find the workshop of your choice on our online calendar and RSVP right there.

Currently, our workshops includes

This workshop is designed to help clients select the right services to match their individual needs. Clients will then use this information to create a customized plan for utilizing the One-Stop services, and learn how to enroll in the WIOA Program.

This is the first step of the process to becoming an enrolled participant.

Learn about managing the job search emotions; time management/self-organization; where to look for jobs/new career path information; varying search activities; networking; informational interviewing; resume and cover letter construction; reference selection; the interview process; and salary negotiation.

Along with the job board on this site, CalJOBS is our portal to your job search. This workshop teaches you some tricks and secrets to get the most out of the website and go beyond just posting your resume. Match your skills to potential occupations. Explore which jobs are growing and what skills and experience are needed to succeed in the field.

This workshop focuses on the people and communication skills, and character and attitude factors that help prospective employees get hired. Soft Skills are important in jobs that require more than work-related duties and knowledge.

Come learn what you don’t know about computers. Learn all the basics of getting around a computer and how to complete an online application. This is a 3-Class training.

Clients will learn basic computer skills for using Microsoft Word, Excel and Power-Point. Learn at your own pace and prepare for our OPAC certification.

Join us for this great workshop intended to help you better manage your bills and money. Smarter Money focuses on saving money and paying bills as well as  managing credit and budgeting.

An outstanding resume is your ticket to an interview. Learn how to set yourself apart from other job seekers simply by making a few key changes to your resume! Build your resume while you learn to optimize your skills and market yourself to employers. (Help also offered for first-time resume writers.)

In a supportive, small group setting, you will learn: 1) How to use simple Internet tools to navigate the Labor Market, 2) How to target companies, 3) Figure out how or where to network, and 4) Identify what skills and training are required for the career you seek. The process for WIOA-training requests is also discussed.

Learn how to nail the interview! Topics include: three key basics; preparation; frequently asked questions; interview etiquette; post-interview activity; and salary negotiation. We have an Interview Skills 1.0 and second 2.0 to hone your skills even further.

More jobs are found through networking than any other means. Take the fear out of this important job search strategy and learn how to make networking easier and less anxiety-ridden. Learn tips on setting up informational interviews.

Learn about age discrimination in the workplace; employer myths regarding older workers; strategies for re-employment; retirement issues; and hopeful outcomes.

We also offer:

Facilitated by our Job Developer, Job Club attendees receive support, swap leads, offer feedback, and benefit from guest speakers. Members empower themselves and collectively develop smart, savvy solutions to overcome obstacles in a job hunt.  Often times, there are guest speakers as well who can give their insight into their company, career or hiring processes.

Learn valuable skills on marketing yourself during the job interview. Practice answering likely interview questions and receive a review of your answers, providing feedback and encouragement. Videotaping is also available upon request. (Please bring a job posting and your resume.)

Reserved for WIOA program participants, though we often have volunteers to who do more scaled down mock interviews.  Check with the front desk or a counselor for more information.

Sign up for individual half-hour assistance with a Career Counselor. Address concerns, learn job search strategies specific to your career goals, get connected to training opportunities and other resources, and receive a resume evaluation if desired. These time slots are limited and fill up quickly, so please reserve in advance.

Sign up for individual half-hour assistance with our Job Developer. Match your skills and resume to area employers and exclusive open positions. Explore On-the-Job Training information and more. These time slots are limited and fill up quickly, so please reserve in advance.

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