Our Services for Job Seeekers

Job searching today is complicated. It is not to be done alone, which is why we are here – to help.  Our core competency is preparing you to succeed in your job search. Our staff is here to help you with your job search through workshops, one-on-one counseling, training and job referrals.  Read below on the specifics, then come see for yourself.  Our staff is compassionate and caring – even when we tell you what you might not want to hear.  We celebrate every time someone finds a job because that is success measured in lives.

We have a variety of workshops for our job seekers. Our workshops touch on just about every aspect of a job search for today’s market.  We offer 6-8 workshops each week.  They are all open to anyone, regardless of whether you are an enrolled client or not. In fact, we encourage job seekers to repeat workshops if they feel they can learn new things, or to be reminded of the tricks and guidance.  Visit our Calendar to see when the workshops are offered next and to RSVP for one.

Our workshop topics can be divided into three categories.  Click here for a more detailed description of the workshop or download our flier below.

– Orientation
– Anchor Strategies, including our Job Club

  • Exploring Your Future
  • Dynamic Resumes & Cover Letters
  • Ace the Interview
  • Networking & the Hidden Job Market
  • Soft Skills

– Added Learning

  • Issues of the “Older Worker”
  • Beat the Online Application System
  • Building a LinkedIn Profile
  • Basic Computers & Microsoft Office
  • Job Fair Preparation
  • Occasional “Lunchtime Specials” on a variety of topics

Our job search programs have different levels of service.  You can come into our Center to conduct your job search completely on your own.  Our space, our internet and computers, and our office equipment are here for you to use.  If you want a little help, come to our workshops.   However, the beauty of our programs is the 1-on-1 help that our career counselors and job developer give you.  Enroll in our free WIOA program for access to more workshops and the staff that can help guide you to success.

This is your job search.  We are here to support you in a way that will make you successful.  We can offer suggestions, administer skill and interests tests, build your confidence, hold mock interviews to improve your skills – and so much more.  We are even a shoulder to cry on when the process gets frustrating. Don’t do it alone.  Your job search and those of others just like you are why we are here.

We look forward to helping you succeed.

We are good at teaching you how to succeed in your job search.  We are also really good at matching you and your skills with local employers. We have relationships and contacts with hundreds of local employers where we can refer you to an open position or even a hidden job.  If you have a target company where we don’t have a contact, we will try to find an in for you.

Our Job Club meets weekly on Thursday mornings, from 10-11:30am.  Job Clubs such as ours are a proven job search strategy.  Facilitated by staff, ours is part support group, part networking group.  We often have guest speakers, recruiters and/or employers visit to talk with job seekers about open positions, what they look for in candidates and what can make a candidate stand out.  Our job seekers will share their challenges and triumphs as well as networking contacts with each other. When a job seekers finds a job, we celebrate with cookies, donuts or treats of some kind.

Here are a few benefits of our Job Club:

  1. Feel less isolated and get disconnected from technology
  2. Surround yourself with others going through the same thing
  3. Share and receive help from each each, staff and guest speakers
  4. Expanding networks
  5. Practicing 30-second elevator speeches and interview questions

There are other Job Clubs in the region as well. Find them here.

Every employer is looking for skills to match their needs. Hard skills are those that you apply directly to the job. They are the knowledge base that you will use on a daily basis. You learn these skills in school or through experience. Soft skills are those skills that help you get ahead through dealing with people: communication skills, leadership skills, conflict management, customer service. You need both to succeed, and we can help.

Funded Training:
If you are missing some key components in you schooling that you feel would get you into the interviews for the jobs you want, we may be able to help. We have a limited amount of federal dollars to fund short term training opportunities. Your case manager will tell you more about it when you come in to talk.

You can find those opportunities on the state’s job sites, CalJOBS. It’s the Eligible Provider Training List – or EPTL. 

On-the-Job Training
On-the-job training is an opportunity to be hired by your future employer and be trained by them for the first few months prior to becoming a permanent employee. These funds are paid to the employer to off-set their training costs.

Community Colleges
Community colleges have many vocational certificate programs that allows job seekers to be more competitive in the market place.  There are 10 community colleges in the East Bay from which to choose.  In fact, we are service of the Chabot-Las Positas Community College District.

Las Positas College, Livermore
Chabot College, Hayward
California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office

Adult Schools
Our local adult schools offer ESL classes as well as specialized vocational certificates and programs. We are also a member of the Mid-Alameda County Consortium (MACC) with 12 adult education programs work together. Check them out for their specific programs.

Castro Valley Adult School
Dublin Adult Education
Livermore Adult Education
Pleasanton Adult and Career Education
Mid-Alameda County Consortium (MACC)

Occupational Skill Certifications
Almost every job today requires some sort of computer knowledge.  We have opportunities for you to learn your way around a computer or software and then prove your knowledge through earning certificates.  We have over 40 skills that can be certified.  The full list is here.

Free E-Learning Opportunities
Education is empowering and can help give you the edge over other applicants. Our growing list of resources of eLearning and online webinars can help you gain the knowledge, skills and confidence needed to land your next job.

Apprenticesips are an “Earn and Learn” model where apprentices not only learn occupational skills in the classroom, their learning is expanded to include hands-on, paid, on-the-job training! Students learn and practice all phases of the trade/occupation in real-world applications.  By the time you are through the apprentices, which varies by trade, you can be making very good moeny and have no college debt. There are more than 30 to choose from.

California Apprenticeship Coordinators Associations
Associated Building Contractors, Northern California

We are here to help you where you are.  We have strategies and partners that can help regardless.  Specifically:

We are a part of the Chabot-Las Positas Community College District and closely with the Colleges.  We can show you to career paths, give you interest assessments, connect you part-time employment, internships, or informational interviews.  We can help you with your resume as well as teach you interview and job fair skills.  Come by and see us.  In the mean time, these links should help:

Las Positas College
Chabot College
Career Café

What Can I Do with a Major In…?
O*Net – Occupational Information Network
O*Net – My Next Move
Occupational Outlook Handbook

Older Workers
Many of our clients are experienced workers over 40.  You are not alone in your job search.  We have a workshop specifically to help older workers overcome the real or perceived obstacles they face in their job searches.  Check out our workshops and our calendar for the next one.   In the mean time, these links should also help:

Career One-Stop

We work very hard for those who are serving or have served our country.  We work with veterans, retired military and active “weekend warriors” to make sure that we can translate your military experience to civilian life.  We have a partnership with Camp Parks, a Army Reserve Base down the street in Dublin, offering our workshops both on their bases as well as in our offices.  We also have a Veteran Services Representative from the California Employment Development Dept. (EDD) on site most weeks to help our military veterans and their families.  Feel free to come by or call for more information.  In the meantime, here are some helpful links:

EDD Services for Veterans
Career One-Stop Veteran ReEmployment
Career One-Stop Military to Civilian Occupation Translator
O*Net – My Next Move for Veterans
Military Skills Translator
Las Positas College Veterans First Center
Vets in Tech
Swords to Plowshares

Returning Citizens
We have specific guidance and help for clients who have served time in county, state or federal institutions.  We are a community partner with both the Federal Correctional Institution and the Santa Rita Jail in Dublin.  We also work with partner agencies who are devoted to this population of job seekers.  Come by and see what we have to offer.  In the mean time, these links should also help:

California Employment Development Dept. (EDD) MythBuster
Alameda County Clean Slate Program
East Bay Community Law Center Clean Slate Services
Jails to Jobs
Roots & Rebound Roadmap to Reentry

People with Disabilities
We have a representative from the Department of Rehabilitation on site and in the region to help put employment and educational plans together for clients with disabilities.  We also have partnerships with the local schools and the Workability III staff at Las Positas College’s Disability Resource Center.  For more information on both programs, visit:

Las Positas College Disability Resource Center
Department of Rehabilitation
AbilityJOBS Job Seeker Resources
East Bay Innovations


Job seekers experience more successful interviews when they have prepared for them.  That includes practicing.  Mock interviews allow you to practice the questions, answers and situation so that you feel more comfortable when the real thing comes around.  Videotaping is also available upon request. (Please bring a job posting and your resume.)

This is reserved for WIOA program participants, though we often have volunteers to who do more scaled down mock interviews. Check with the front desk or a counselor for more information.

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