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Job Search Strategy Tip Sheets

We would prefer to have you in present in our One-Stop to interact and help you in your job search face-to-face.  However, we know a lot of your thinking, writing and searching may also happen either at home or somewhere else.  To help, we’ve developed a series of Tip Sheets to help you and for you to take “on the go”, so to speak.  You can see below that they encompass a wide variety of issues that you may face during your job search.  Feel free to download, print and share them.  (Unless otherwise noted, the Tip Sheets are in PDF form.  If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader, you will need to download it here.)

The Tip Sheets below are in the order of a typical job search from beginning to end.  We are continually adding to the list, so check back often for new Tip Sheets.

Job Search Resources
Veteran Transition Tips
Organizing Your Job Search
O*NET for Job Seekers
Career Assessments
LinkedIn Check List (from/by LinkedIn)
30-second Elevator Speech
Resume Template Instructions
Networking Resume Template (Word Doc) – not for ATS
Resume Action Words
Resume Accomplishment Statements
Critical Soft Skills
Job Fair Dos & Don’ts
Job Fair Success
Cover Letter Tips
Cover Letter Templates (Word Doc)
Online Applications
Successful Interview Tips
60-Toughest Interview Questions
Writing Thank You’s
Salary Negotiation Rules

Additional Useful Information 

We have put together other guidance sheets for specific situations.  Below are links to local staffing agencies (which are used more and more by employers – often in “contract to hire” positions), regional EDD Unemployment Offices and Other Resources beyond, but tangentially related to your job search.

Local Recruiting/Staffing Agencies
Other Resources
Regional Unemployment Offices